The walks described below are being developed over the next few weeks, so please be patient whilst we research them.

With such variety and history the Park offers a number of themed walks.

Garden Walk

The gardens located in the Park span the time from its inception, through to the contemporary.

Heritage Walk

Wandsworth Council maintain a map of heritage places within the borough.

History Walk

The Park has a long and varied history, much remains visible today.

Lakeside Walk

A gentle circumvention of the Lake has some surprising points of interest.

Memorial Walk

The Park is home to various memorials, ranging from the historic, patriotic to the esoteric.

Sculpture Walk

The Park has a rich history of public sculpture, much still visible, but some lost to time.

Tree Walk

Home to over 4000 trees, with many unusual, and sometimes champion, trees, the Park is an inner city arboretum.