This page contains, and links to, various nuggets of trivia about the Park.

According to the Association of Football Statisticians, the first game played under the “Football Association” rules was on the 9th January 1864 in Battersea Park.
(our thanks to David McHutchon for pointing this out)

The boathouse, just to the north west of the Cafe, won a couple of architectural awards. Designed by local architect, and ex-Friends committee member, Rod McAllister, a “High Commendation – Architectural Design” was given at the Copper in Architecture Awards 2001, organised by the Copper Development Association. The presentation was made in October at the Institute of Materials by International Copper Association Chairman Oscar Groenveld.

A Commendation was also given to the Boathouse at the Architectural Design Awards 2001 organised by Wandworth Borough Council.

Next time you sit at the Pear Tree Cafe, staring across the lake, and thinking of the 10,000 stainless steel coachbolts holding down the fenced off broadwalk, you may ponder whether or not a nomination is warranted for the April 1st awards organised by “Nuts and Bolts Monthly”.

And the new toilets, near the fountains, got a “commended” at the 2006 Civic Trust Awards.