There are numerous routes for runners around the Park. Below are the approximate distances of a couple of routes, along with some point to point distances. These distances are accurate to around 10m. Our thanks goes to the Park Management for providing these details.

Carriage Drive Circuit 2.8km
West Drive from Albert Gate to Sun Gate – 500m
South Drive from Sun Gate to Rosery Gate – 950m
East Drive from Rosery Gate to Pierpoint – 600m
North Drive from Pierpoint to Albert Gate – 750m
(Distances are “junction” to “junction”)

Park “Boundary” (Riverside Terrace & Street Pavements) 3.5km
Albert Bridge Pedestrian Gate To Sun Gate – 700m
Sun Gate to Rosery Gate – 1100m
Rosery Gate to Chelsea Gate – 550m
Chelsea Gate, Riverside Terrace, Albert Br Pedestrian Gate – 1150m

Main Riverside Terrace 0.5km
(From access rear of Parks Police to access at Pierpoint barrier) 500m

Central Avenue 0.75km
(West Drive to East Drive) 750mimage