Promontory Garden

A previously ignored, fenced off and overgrown piece of land adjacent to Albert Bridge is now a place where one can sit and enjoy views along the river.
With the help of donations from The Friends of Battersea Park, this formerly area has been transformed into an attractive landscaped garden, with the vision of landscape architect David Keary.
The promontory is a piece of embankment that juts out 12 metres into the Thames. Historical records suggest it has always been fenced off from the main part of the park since its construction and closed to the public for many decades.
The design incorporates sculpted mounds, a meandering path around large trees with shade tolerant plants, while visitors in the spring will see a colourful array of shrubs, ferns and herbaceous perennials, along with a cluster of Japanese maples occupying the garden’s centrepiece and, importantly, a generous sprinkling of benches!