The Park has a rich and varied history. More on the history of the Park can be found in the book published by the Friends in 1998.

There are a number of garden areas set out around the Park, the Old English Garden, the Sub Tropical Garden and the Russell Page Garden

Remnants of The Festival of Britain remain in the northerns parts of the Park, with the Childrens Zoo now covering part of the area where the Funfair stood.

The lodges have a rural, countryside character. The original designers of the Park were keen that visitors would feel they were leaving the grime of London and entering a rural idyll.

The Rustic Bridge has had a number of personalities.

The shelters are an enduring feature, a place to hide from the weather, or from the gaze of other Park users.

There are a number of War Memorials in the Park, and an anti vivisection story.

An archaeological survey of the Sub Tropical Garden was undertaken during the early summer of 2001.

Even the toilets have a bit of history!

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Below are some scenes from various periods of the Parks history.