Shortly before the judicial review was due to be heard, on 25th May, negotiations between Battersea Park Action Group and Formula E reached an agreement for this years race to be the last. The following joint agreed statement was issued by the Battersea Park Action Group (BPAG) and Formula E:

A current action for Judicial Review is due to be heard in the High Court on 24/25 May between the claimant, James Jackson and defendant Wandsworth Council with Formula E as an interested party. This action challenges the hosting of the Formula E Championship in Battersea Park. 

James Jackson supported by the Battersea Park Action Group is pleased to now announce that a satisfactory agreement has been reached over the future use of Battersea Park. James Jackson will now withdraw his Judicial Review action with his costs to date being met. The Championship this year will go ahead but further consideration will be given to future years.

As required under the planning conditions for this year’s event, the park will be reinstated by Formula E to its original pre-March 2015 condition. 

James Jackson feels that the settlement reached represents a favourable outcome for all parties involved given the preparations already in hand for this year’s races as well as the obligation to reinstate the park.

James Jackson said “I am delighted that a solution has been found; this is good for everyone.”

BPAG also released this statement, with a curious request that no related Freedom of Information Requests are made to the Council?

The exact terms of the agreement are confidential to the parties. In essence, however, the agreement is that in return for certain binding promises from Formula E, we as a group will not continue an active campaign to disrupt or stand in the way of this year’s event and we will discourage others from doing so. We very much hope that all our supporters will respect this commitment we have given not to campaign against this year’s racing. In addition, it has also been agreed that we would request that our supporters make no Freedom of Information requests to the Council relating to the event.

Be assured that, advised by our solicitors, we and James would not have made such a pledge if we were not fully confident that the agreement was in line with our overall objective of maintaining the integrity of the park, as a public open space, accessible to all at park opening times, for its intended use as a place of recreation, relaxation and enjoyment of the peace and tranquillity it offers.   

Whilst this year’s racing will take place, the agreement reached provides for detailed reinstatement of the park, area by area, to its pre-March 2015 configuration. We will concentrate our efforts on ensuring that the planning obligations on Formula E and the Council to achieve this are fully met. 

Therefore please take the statement, and the agreement to which it refers, as an entirely positive development that, in accepting the disruption to the park of this year’s racing, which we know none of our supporters welcome, there will thereafter be significant benefits in terms of the long-term protection and reinstatement of the park that we all value.

Many thanks for your continued support.

John Fox, Sarah Fox, Paul Ekins, Susan Lofthouse

for Battersea Park Action Group

Shortly after Wandsworth Council also issued a press release.

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