Frequently Asked Questions

If you couldn’t find what you’re looking for on any other of the pages in this site here is a list of some of the other questions we get…

Can I have a BBQ in the Park?

Basically, no. The Parks Police have published a policy on BBQs in the Park, and you can see it here.

What happened to the Guinness Clock?

Sadly, the clock was scrapped!
You can find more details at the Festival of Britain Society article.

Can I ride horses in the Park?

Yes, horses are permitted in the park. Although the by-laws only specifically prohibit riders leading other riderless horses, and the breaking & lunging of horses! However the Park management may wish to impose some conditions, primarily that horses must remain on the outer carriage drives. This obviously means they are not allowed on grass areas or Central Avenue. Also, they must move at no greater pace than a trot, cantering and galloping will not be allowed. The same rules as apply to vehicles would apply, that the speed limit is 12mph (although being limited to trot should cover this), that pedestrians have right of way, and that riders must be observant of children, cyclists & dogs. If they wished to come as part of a larger group, connected to a stable perhaps, then some arrangement is needed for clearing up after the horses have done what horses do.

Can I erect a tent or shelter in the Park?

Again, no. The policy of the Council is something along the lines of…
“We don’t allow the putting up of any structures without going through the proper event procedures – and unfortunately we have to include in this even small structure such as gazebos. There are health & safety implications of allowing people to do as they choose – and although people may think that something small doesn’t really present any risk, the risks are there nonetheless (gust of wind could blow it onto someone, peg could be left behind for someone to trip over, or get into a mower and so on).
For anything like this, people need to contact the Events Service on 020 8871 7534 – but there will be a charge if the thing is allowed to proceed as an event.”