Formula E in Battersea Park

It became public knowledge earlier in 2014 that discussions were ongoing about proposals to stage a Formula E electric car race in Battersea Park during June 2015.

Opinions are obviously split, both on the Friends Committee and amongst our membership, with many objecting whilst others are in favour.

The Friends have maintained a dialogue with Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC) to voice the opinions and expectations of Park users.

Following consultation the Friends, on 15th September 2014, sent initial objections to the proposals as we understood them at the time.

WBC released a press announcement on 18th September.

On Monday 22nd September the Friends were given a copy of WBC Paper no. 14-489, expected to be presented to the WBC Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 25th September and the WBC Executive on 6th October.
WBC Paper no. 14-489 has an Appendix 1, a map of the proposed event, and Appendix 2, the councils timeline.

The Friends response is shown in Formula-E Letter to WBC 24 September 2014

At the WBC Executive meeting on 6th October the decision was made Recommendations adopted for the reasons given in the report WBC Paper no.14-489. Present at the meeting were Councillor Govindia (Leader of the Council), Councillor Cook (Deputy Leader of the Council), Councillors Ellis, Maddan, Senior, Mrs Sutters and Mrs Tracey, also Present: Councillors Ambache and Mrs Usher.

As Battersea Park is Grade II* on the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks, WBC commissioned a Heritage Impact Analysis. The Friends initial response is given in Formula E Heritage Impact Analysis Initial Response.

On 6th November, WBC arranged a public meeting at All Saints Church, Prince of Wales Drive, where the Formula-E organisers and Council officials presented the plans to date, followed by a question and answer session. The WBC notes of this meeting can be found on the WBC website.
The Friends notes can be found in this post.

On 18th February 2015 the WBC Planning Committee approved the application for the event to proceed. The approval document is online.

The Friends submitted this letter to the WBC Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee (CSOSC) on 3rd December 2014

The Friends submitted this response to the WBC Planning Application 2014/6976 on 18th January 2015

In May 2014 Andrew Green made a Freedom of Information request to Wandsworth Borough Council to gather details of any discussions that had taken place. Following an introduction to WBC by former council leader Sir Edward Lister these discussions had started in May 2013.


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