For enquiries about the Park or this website you can send an email to   mike a t batterseapark dot org


For Friends of Battersea Park enquires contact:

The Hon. Secretary
Friends of Battersea Park
7 Park Mansions
Prince of Wales Drive
London, SW11

For advertising in the Review call 020-7720-6581

For the All Weather Pitches call 020-8871-7535
For the grass sports fields contact Fountains PLC on 020-8767-1830
To arrange an event call 020-8871-7534
To book Tennis courts call 020-8871-7542
To get details of boating call 020-7262-1330
For cycle hire call 020-7498-6543

Wandsworth Council maintain a list Contacts although you may need to click a bit to find the right one.

The Park management can be contacted at:
The Park Offices
Battersea Park,
London, SW11 4NJ
Tel: 020 8871 7530

The Parks Police can be contacted on 020 8871 7532